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3-D printers

Image by Rob Wingate


3-D printing is one of the newest, and best ways to create something of your own design, and for a relatively cheap price.

 Green Screens

Image by Dane Kelly


Green screens is the easiest way to add any back round to a picture or video. all you do is make a video or take a picture, and find a back round you like then upload it to that picture or back round.




Spheros are robots that you can drive around yourself, or use drawings to drive it around. You can change the light's colors, and the robots speed. If you have enough of them, you can even race your friends, and build your own tracks to do so.

Learn More

Don't understand how to use spheros? Watch this how to, to learn how.


About the Tech Shack

Our Background

The tech shack was established is 2020 by five people just trying to make a living. Those five people are Colton, Beck, Alexander, Lucas, and Evan. Our mission is to sell high quality tech products for the lowest prices we can offer.


            Our Mission

Our mission is to sell high quality items, and electronics, for the cheapest prices, to people who want to try something new, and have fun learning new things too.

Computer Robot

Opening Hours

Come visit when ever you want, it's a website.